How to Unhide Files in Your Flash Drives

Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to unhide files in your flash drives
In this article I’ll teach you how to unhide files in your flash drives and how does it work. Just read and apply step by step whatever instructions I made because this is so easy. I have this problem of mine when I go to an internet shop and rented a computer and inserted my flash drive because I have to edit something with my document and print it there because I don’t have my own printer. Not knowing, that computer was already infested by the virus. When I try to browse my file in my FD, I found nothing, not even a single file. I tried asking assistance of the attendant but she doesn’t know anything about it and so I told her to scan my FD using their AV but it failed to retrieve my file.

When I come back home, I tried to scan it again and found 3-4 virus (I forgot the name). After that, the virus was successfully eliminated and I was hoping that it would retrieve my file but I failed to regain it. There were files that I haven’t backup from that FD.

So I’ve search through the internet and it took me so long to find the answer. There were so many solutions but none of them solved my problem. It happened that I opened a blog (I forgot the name url of the blog cause it was a long time ago but thanks a lot to whoever owns that blog.) and it was really the key of my problem.
Here’s the solution on how to unhide files in your flash drives.

  • Insert your flash drives first.
  • Click start or press the window key and type “cmd”.
  • Right click it and run as administrator.
  • When cmd pop ups, type the drive of your flash and add “ : “ . E.g. “E:
  • Then you will be brought to the flash drive directory.
  • Type this : “ attrib –s –h /s /d *.* ” (without quote)
  • Then that’s it!
  • Enjoy retrieving your hidden files.

Provided that you have already removed the virus with AVs because this solution is 100% guaranteed to solve your problem.

If you find any confusions regarding retrieving your files in your FD’s, try to comment here to so I can guide you about how to unhide files in your flash drives. Cheers!

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